Artes is a textile production service equipped to meet all the needs of the modern fashion industry, with production flexibility both in terms of materials and quantities.

Innovation and precision are the keywords in our daily commitment: we believe it is essential to always be able to offer a current product while remaining in the right price range.

It is equally essential for us to offer certainty in delivery times and constant quality. This is why we tend to establish continuous relationships with our customers: continuity is our greatest guarantee of quality.


We are a highly specialized manufacturing company with over 50 years of history. Our location is in the industrial area of Barletta, a city with an industrial tradition in the textile sector that has its roots in the middle of the last century.

Today Artes is directed by Giovanni Tessa with the help of Alessandra Rizzitelli, daughter of the company founder. The team is made up of workers with decades of experience and highly qualified young people, as well as external collaborators in the financial, strategic and technical fields.

The role of Artes in today’s global economy is that of a precise company, attentive to changes both in processing techniques and in economic strategies and, for this reason, it proposes itself as a partner for all global companies with their own brand that want to entrust with certainty of their productions to an external service.


Fashion is not something that exists only in the form of clothes. Fashion is in the sky, in the streets, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what happens

Coco Chanel

What you wear is your way of presenting yourself to the world, especially today as we live in an era where human contact is so rapid. Fashion is an instant language

Miuccia Prada

Fashion is what is suggested and that it is often better to avoid, style is what everyone has and must keep for life

Giorgio Armani


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